New Drug Development

Understanding The Process…

What Does It Take To Develop A New Therapy For MND?

The Drug Development Process

Modern research techniques are seeing MND scientists beginning to understand the inner workings of Motor Neurone Disease (MND) at the molecular level, with significant advances in genomics, proteomics and computational power presenting new ways to understand the disease. The task of discovering and developing safe and effective new therapies continues to look more promising as our knowledge and basic understanding of the disease continues to expand.

The development of new therapies from discovery at the scientist’s bench to when it is available for treating patients in the clinic occurs along a tried and tested pre-clinical and clinical trials pathway. As a compound progresses successfully through this development process and into clinical trials, it gathers data supporting its safety and potential efficacy and the level of evidence that it may ultimately prove effective and useful as a treatment for MND increases. 

The entire process is complex and tightly regulated by governing bodies such as the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) in Australia to ensure only safe and effective medications reach the wider patient population at the end of the entire development process. A deeper understanding of this R&D process can explain why some compounds don’t make it and why it can take such a large and sometimes lengthy effort to get one new medicine to patients. This page and the links below are a basic guideline to help explain the general process of drug development, and will hopefully give you a better understanding of the challenges facing our scientists and clinicians throughout this process.

Success requires immense resources — the best scientific minds, highly sophisticated technology and complex project management. It also takes persistence and, sometimes, luck. Ultimately, though, the process of drug discovery brings hope and to thousands of MND patients worldwide. The Cure for MND Foundation is committed to this process, and looks to fund the best and most promising therapies through this development pathway and into clinical trials for Australian MND patients. 

To get a better understanding of this drug development process, click on the individual links below to read more about the particular stages involved

Pre-Discovery Phase

Understand MND disease biology and study the mechanisms involved in the disease

The Discovery Phase

Identify a Target to study, validate the target and move to discover potential drugs

Pre-Clinical Testing

Lead compound validation, compound optimisation, and move to initial testing studies

Pre-Clinical Testing

Testing of Lead Compound(s) in lab based disease models of MND pathology

Human Clinical Trials

Learn about the Clinical Trial Process: Phase 1/2/3 human clinical trials.

Development Pipeline

Learn about currently funded drugs in development in our MND Drug Pipeline

2017 Cure for MND Research Symposium

Learn About Currently Funded Drug Development And Current/Upcoming Clinical Trials

Saturday April 22nd 2017

Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, Melbourne

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We fund the best and brightest MND researchers across Australia to help develop promising new therapies in the lab to the roll into clinical trials for Australians living with MND.

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