What is the Big Freeze?

On the Monday of Queens Birthday long weekend (13 June 2022) the Melbourne Cricket Ground will be awash with blue again. FightMND Big Freeze beanies take over Australia’s most iconic sporting arena for the Big Freeze as a group of bold and courageous celebrities accept the challenge and take the plunge into Australia’s coldest ice bath just minutes prior to the annual Melbourne versus Collingwood AFL clash. 


What volunteer opportunities are there?

From beanie packing to beanie selling and tin shaking, volunteers are integral to the success of the Big Freeze. If you would like to be involved please register your interest at fightmnd.org.au 


How do I register to volunteer for the Big Freeze?

You can register your interest to volunteer via our website fightmnd.org.au.


Where are there volunteer opportunities?

We have volunteer opportunities in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Perth. To register your interest visit fightmnd.org.au 

Why are the beanies made in China?

Our number one priority is to raise as much as possible through beanie sales and so we source our beanies for the best price we can so that support vital research to find a cure for MND. The factories we use have the highest ethical standards and are independently audited each year. 

Who will the sliders be this year?

Our sliders will be announced in the weeks leading up to the Big Freeze. Be the first to hear when they are announced by following along on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. 

Where can I buy a beanie?

Beanies are available at Coles, Coles Express, Bunnings or here on the FightMND website. 

Where can I buy a kids beanie?

Children’s beanies are available via the FightMND website. 

What is Play On?

When Neale was first diagnosed with MND he sent a message to his family and friends telling them he had MND and planned to fight back. That message ended with “Play On” 

“Play On” embodies Neale’s philosophy that no matter what adversity or problems you face, you need to charge on. 

How much will you raise for Big Freeze 8?

We hope to raise as much as we can beat the Beast that is MND. Your contribution to Big Freeze 8 will help us get a little closer. 

How much have you raised in previous years?

To date we have been committed more than $55 million to MND research. Last year we were able to commit more than $10 million to 1 clinical trial, 5 drug development projects and 10 IMPACT projects. FightMND also assists those living with MND by funding important equipment to assist with their care. 

What progress has FightMND made so far?

In just seven years we have been able to educate millions of Australians about the existence of this cruel disease. Thanks to the Army, people living with MND have more opportunity to participate in research or clinical trials, Not just in Victoria but across Australia. So far we have invested in 12 clinical trials for Australian patients and 23 drug development projects.  

Research is expensive and it takes time. But it is the best way we can fight back against the Beast.  We have the best and brightest working on finding a cure and there are new, very promising treatments coming down the pipeline but without ongoing funding we will not be able to keep the research momentum going.