Clinical trials

Drug development projects

Drug Development projects are focused on advancing promising new drugs or therapies through the final stages of testing in preparation for their assessment in clinical trials with MND patients.

IMPACT grants

To accelerate the development of effective therapies for MND, FightMND IMProving and ACcelerating Translation (IMPACT) grants support projects focused on overcoming one or more key barriers preventing the advancement of potential treatments through to clinical trial.

Research fellowships


  • Mid-career FightMND Research Fellow: Dr Shyuan Ngo – Targetting metabolic flexibility as a therapeutic approach for ALS (metals)
  • Mid-career FightMND Research Fellow: Dr Fazel Shabanpoor – Development of novel blood-brain-barrier permeable peptides and antisense oligonucleotides as biotherapeutics for ALS.
  • Early-career FightMND Research Fellow: Dr Rebecca San Gil – Genome-wide crispr screens to reveal regulators of TDP-43 aggregation and toxicity in MND.

Angie Cunningham PhD Scholarship & Grant-in-Aid

The Angie Cunningham Cure for MND PhD scholarship and project grant-in-aid award honours the life and qualities of Angie Cunningham who’s legacy is one of courage, selflessness and eternal positivity against all the odds.

The Inaugural Angie Cunningham PHD Scholarship Recipient – Ted Wang, The Florey Institute

Research – Blocking Necroptosis-mediated motor neuron death in MND.
Award: $100,000 per year, 3.5 year project

Other funded research initiatives

The aim of this program is to rapidly find potential treatments for Motor Neurone Disease. We are using award-winning technology allowing us to grow motor neurones from patient cells.


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