Pull your socks up

Get your Sockit2MND socks today

Sockit2MND is a fun, community initiative that brings together local leagues, clubs, teams, players & communities in the fight against ‘The Beast’ that is Motor Neurone Disease.

Celebrated during the Big Freeze campaign each year in June, Sockit2MND is a great way to rally your sporting club, workplace and local community around this important cause.

All funds raised through the sale of socks go towards vital and urgent research to help find effective treatments and a cure for MND.

Now's the time to pull up your socks and join the fight against MND.


It's easy to get involved

Whether you're a sporting club, community group or workplace, celebrating Sockit2MND is easy.

1. Register your club or workplace
2. Place your sock order (socks are $15 per pair)
3. Host a FightMND fundraiser
4. Share your pics using #Sockit2MND @FightMND

With sizes, colours and styles to suit all ages and activities, Sockit2MND is for everyone.

Socks will arrive prior to the official round on June 18-19, 2022. For orders of 20 pairs or more, you will have the option to receive an invoice.

Socks are on sale now - get yours today.

Request your invoice here
Join the fight against the Beast

Why should you get involved?

Sockit2MND is a great way to bring your sporting club and local community together around an important cause and join the fight against MND.

MND is Beast. It's an insidious, terminal illness that takes away a person's ability to speak, eat, move and eventually breathe. There is no effective treatment or cure.

All funds raised through FightMND's Sockit2MND will go towards new and innovative MND research to help find effective treatments and ultimately a cure.

With your help, we can raise awareness and much needed funds to defeat the Beast.

Celebrate Sockit2MND in 2022

Sockit2MND is open to any sport, club, age, level or activity. It's fun, inclusive and it's back for 2022.