To cure, to care,
to make aware.

We are fighting to defeat the Beast

FightMND is driven by a single and urgent purpose – to find effective treatments and a cure for Motor Neurone Disease.

We have invested more than $63 million in the fight against the Beast. But the battle is far from over.

Join our army and donate today.

How we invest in MND research

To turn research into treatments for MND, FightMND invest in all stages of the research pipeline.

We can think of the research pipeline like a challenging race course and each new potential treatment is a competitor. Hear how your on-going support helps to advance new competitors through the stages of the race, towards new treatments and a cure for MND

What are we fighting for?

We are fighting to beat 'The Beast'

Our vision is a world without Motor Neurone Disease (MND) and it takes an army of people to help achieve this.

Our core aims are to generate greater awareness of the disease, to fund world-class research and drug trials to find an effective treatment and ultimately a cure for MND and provide assistive care equipment to many Australians fighting the disease.

There is no known cause, limited knowledge of the natural course of the disease, there is no effective treatment and there is no cure.

We call it ‘The Beast’. This is why we fight.


Committed to MND research initiatives


committed to 15 Clinical Trials


committed to 30 drug development projects


World-first drug screening platform


22 other research grants & initiatives


Sporadic ALS Australian - Genomics Consortium


Precision Medicine Program


committed to 42 IMPACT grants

The Journey Of Your Donation



On Sunday, over 650 people ran the @melbmara and chose to raise funds for FightMND. Bryan was a participant and trained for four months. 

Bryan went from being able to take 100 steps in the hydro-pool and worked his way up to 2000 steps in preparation for Sunday’s 3km walk. Congratulations Bryan and thank you for raising vital funds for FightMND. 

#MelbMara #FightMND
That’s a wrap for Daniher’s Drive 2023. What an incredible four days. Together, with all of our fundraising teams and amazing sponsors, we have raised over $2 million for this years Drive. Thank you to each and every person who donated or supported us on the Drive. 

Day two of the drive, @fightmnd popped in to see the @chemistwarehouseaus team in Echuca! 

Daniher’s Drive participants had the opportunity to stock up on necessities and were thrilled to be able to purchase the in-store lucky dip with all proceeds going to FightMND. 

Big or small, make a donation today at the register in-store or via
the link in our bio.
Thanks for keeping our participants fuelled throughout the Drive, @colesexpress @shell_australia 🚘
Day one of Daniher’s Drive complete. 50 cars. 220 people. Four days of putting the FUN back into fundraising. 🚙
Thank you to @baysidecoaches for sponsoring night one of the Drive. Stay tuned as we shift gears into day two!
#DanihersDrive #FightMND #BaysideCoaches
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