Dr. Davor Stanic

Davor Stanic has a medical research background in the field of neuroscience. His research has been driven by the need to better understand how the nervous system reacts to, and compensates for, injury, with the aim of developing therapeutic strategies to overcome neurodegenerative disorders.

Major themes encompassing Davor’s research include: 1) Developing improved therapeutic strategies to overcome movement disorders that emanate from neurodegenerative disease; and 2) Understanding mechanisms underlying swallowing and breathing coordination, and developing therapies that overcome their dysfunction.

Davor studied science at Monash University, obtaining a Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree and PhD in neuroscience. A 5-year postdoctoral period at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm followed his PhD, where he continued to study regenerative mechanisms in the brain. Complementing his medical research background, Davor has also recently completed a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance.

Email: [email protected]