To cure, to care,
to make aware.

What are we fighting for?

We are fighting to beat 'The Beast'

We want a world without Motor Neurone Disease (MND) and it takes an army of people to help achieve this – and we have the FightMND Army on our side.

Our core aims are to generate greater awareness of the disease, to fund world-class research and drug trials to find an effective treatment and ultimately a cure for Motor Neurone Disease and provide assistive care equipment to many Australians fighting the disease.

There is no known cause, limited knowledge of the natural course of the disease, there is no effective treatment and there is no cure.

We call it ‘The Beast’. This is why we fight.


Committed to MND research projects


10 Clinical Trials funded


10 drug development projects funded


World-first drug screening platform


Other research grants & initiatives


Sporadic ALS Australian - Genomics Consortium


Precision Medicine Program


IMPACT research grants


Research fellowships and scholarships


In every dollar raised committed to research projects & care initiatives

2019 Daniher's Drive - A review

Watch and enjoy all the colour, fun and excitement of the 2019 Dainer's Drive as it weaved its way throughout regional Victoria over 4-days in October.

The fight against MND needs you

FightMND - It Takes People.

We have a wonderful FightMND army supporting us and need more to join the army. Our work has just begun, we haven't found an effective treatment or cure as yet.

This is why we fight!

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