Groundbreaking Research

Finding a treatment or cure is only possibly through careful, rigorous research which takes time and investment.  

We fund the best scientists from around the world to conduct research on MND. To properly tackle such a relentless disease, the process can be slow, but the outcomes are accelerating progress in this fight.  

We wanted to share with you some of the most exciting developments to date:  

  • Over 600 Australians have had access to clinical trials through FightMND-funded projects. 
  • We have donated $85.3M in MND research since 2014. 
  • Since inception, FightMND has funded 15 clinical trials across 10 sites in Australia and supported 30 drugs in the drug development pipeline.  

FightMND is enabling MND research in Australia to be competitive and world-leading in driving a pathway to a better treatment and cure for MND. 

  • Five potential treatments developing through to clinical trials. 
  • Two further potential therapies set to commence clinical trials for MND later in 2024. 

We’ve come a long way but there’s still more to do which is why FightMND continues to invest in research to find a cure. 

Improving the lives of those with MND in Australia

While we search for an effective treatment or cure, FightMND is supporting the MND community.

We invest in initiatives to improve the lives of people living with MND in Australia, focusing on three strategic priorities which were developed in consultation with the MND community:

  • Evidence: Investing in a program of care-focused research to inform the appropriate care for people living with MND
  • Standards: Investing in the development of national standards and guidelines for MND care
  • Support: Investing in targeted support for people impacted by MND   

To date, $10.5 million has been awarded by FightMND to local not-for-profit organisations that support and care for people with MND to:

  • Purchase assistive equipment that can be loaned to people with MND
  • Develop educational resources
  • Provide support to families and carers of people with MND.

FightMND has also invested $1.2 million into 5 care research projects in 2024, to inform guidelines around providing the most suitable care of people living with MND, and innovations in MND Care to improve quality of life and extend survival. 

The Fight is Not Over

We are so proud of all we have achieved together, but there’s more to do. For 10 years our supporters’ funding has helped build a solid research foundation. We’re now at basecamp, but we still need your help to get to the summit. 

We need your continued support to help:

  • find an effective treatment or cure for MND
  • improve the quality, accessibility and consistency of care for people impacted by MND
  • boost awareness of MND.

Your continued support helps us to continue accelerating progress towards finally beating the Beast that is MND.

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