At FightMND, we know it will take people to defeat this Beast. It will take an army of researchers who dedicate their lives to finding effective treatments and cure. ​

And it will also take ongoing care for those fighting MND.  

Since 2014, FightMND has supported almost $12 million into MND Care. ​


Throughout the years, we have supported our national and state MND Associations in purchasing assistive equipment and technology to support people affected by MND. ​

In 2023, we invested $3.67 million to support 22 initiatives across 14 not-for-profit organisations in Australia that work with people living with and impacted by MND to purchase equipment, develop education resources, build capacity, and other support services to improve the lives of people affected by MND. ​


In 2023, as part of our new Care Strategy, we are also supporting research into developing better care for people living with MND and their families. ​

In 2024, FightMND will be investing $1.2 million in 5 new MND Care research projects to improve care, and quality of life for people living with MND. This targeted investment in Care research for MND is the first of its kind in Australia – supporting projects focused on determining and improving on best-practice care for people living with MND. Find out more about the projects we supported.