Don’t Say. Do. Help us reach $3 million by Monday

This year FightMND marks 10 years since the first group of brave celebrities took the icy plunge in the name of MND research. To mark the occasion, for Big Freeze 10 we are aiming to raise an extra $3 million by Monday 10 June.

Ten years ago, many Aussies weren’t aware of this cruel disease and progress towards finding a cure globally, let alone in Australia, was slow and frustrating.

So, Neale, with the late Dr Ian Davis, who was diagnosed with MND at just 33 years of age, and Pat Cunningham, whose beautiful wife Angie was diagnosed around the same time as Neale, decided to bring the fight to the doorstep of this insidious Beast.

From here FightMND and the Big Freeze was born.

We know that funding in innovative and urgent research increases our chances of a scientific breakthrough. For 10 years, FightMND has enabled research in Australia to be competitive and world-leading. Driving a pathway to better treatment and a cure for MND.

We are closer than ever before to finding a cure. We now understand some of the genetic mutations and biological events that may cause MND. This takes us even closer to understanding how best to fight it.

While we’ve managed to land some solid blows against the Beast, there is still a lot left to do in this fight. And we need your help.

We don’t believe that MND is incurable, just underfunded – every dollar raised takes us another step closer to finding a cure. We do this with a sense of urgency – people living with MND cannot wait.

Currently, more than 2,000 Australians are living with MND. Their average life expectancy is 27 months. Today, 2 Australians will die from MND and 2 more will be diagnosed. There is no treatment. There is no cure.

Help us reach $3 million by Monday.

MND is relentless, but so are we. We know how personally devastating this insidious disease is, and we’re united in our determination to fight back. Investing in research continues to be our best weapon against the Beast, but it’s expensive and takes time.

We’re putting the BIG in Big Freeze 10. This year we’re aiming to raise an extra $3 million by Monday. But we need your help!

Every donation takes us another step closer to finding a cure. It means that we can continue to land solid blows against the Beast.

Keep doing. Keep fighting. Donate today and help us beat the Beast that is MND.