FightMND Scientific Seminar Series

Tuesday 27th February,2024 10.00am (AEDT)

An online scientific seminar series focused on MND Research. Hear from national experts and emerging leaders in MND research including the latest clinical trials, drug developments, pre-clinical models, discovery research and collaborative platforms. Learn, connect and share with the Australian MND research community.

For enquiries related to the seminar series, please contact: Dr Sarah Bennett [email protected]

September Seminar 2023

Dr Rebecca San Gil

26th September, 2023

Cytoplasmic TDP-43 accumulation drives many dynamic changes to the cortex proteome of MND patients, including increases in protein folding factors prior to disease onset. Dr San Gil will outline her work to create the first longitudinal map of the cortex proteome throughout TDP-43-driven disease in a mouse model of cytoplasmic TDP-43 proteinopathy. She will outline the comparisons between the proteomic signature of the TDP-43 mouse cortex and post-mortem human brain tissue, and how these findings have helped to reveal the molecular mechanisms behind protein regulation at different stages of MND. 

The September Scientific Seminar will be given by our inaugural FightMND Early Career Research Fellow Dr Rebecca San Gil, from the University of Queensland.  

Dr San Gil has been looking at patterns of protein expression in the brain during early disease development, trying to understand how MND changes the brain. Dr San Gil will take us through a map she has created of protein expression in the brain of MND models and preserved human tissue. How this map changes over time can give us clues into how to treat MND.