How $3 million makes a difference 

At FightMND we often talk about the importance of research in the fight against Motor Neurone Disease (MND). But how does research really make a difference and how does your donation help? 

When FightMND was founded in 2014, Australians had very limited or no access to clinical trials. No one knew much about the disease and support for researchers in the MND space was lacking.  

Fast forward 10 years and MND research in Australia has come a long way. Our goal is a world without MND. Since 2014, we’ve invested more than $97 million into vital research and care initiatives for those living with MND.  

This makes FightMND one of the world’s largest independent funders of MND research.  

Thanks to you:  

  • more than 600 Australians have access to clinical trials through FightMND funded projects 
  • we’ve funded 15 clinical trials across 10 sites in Australia and supported 30 drugs in the drug development pipeline 
  • five potential treatments have developed through to clinical trials 
  • two further potential therapies are set to start clinical trials for MND later in 2024.  

This support enables MND research in Australia to be competitive and world leading in driving a pathway to a better treatment and a cure for MND. Together we’ve come a long way, but there is still more to do.  

Research continues to be our best weapon against the Beast. But this takes time and investment.  

This year we’re putting the BIG into Big Freeze. We’re aiming to raise an extra $3 million by Monday 10 June.  

But how can $3 million make a difference?  

  • $3 million funds 3 discovery projects to unlock the causes of MND.  
  • $3 million supports the development of 3 new potential treatments for MND. 
  • $3 million funds 2 MND clinical trials to test the safety and efficacy of promising new drugs.  
  • $3 million supports 16 local organisations to provide support, educate and care for Australians affected by MND. 
  • $3 million funds the development and maintenance of National MND Care guidelines so people living with MND can access the same standard of care – no matter where they live in Australia. 
  • $3 million can help us land solid blows against the Beast. But we need your help.  

Keep doing. Keep fighting. Help us reach $3 million by Monday 

MND is a devastating disease. More than 2,000 Australians currently live with MND. Their average life expectancy from diagnosis is 27 months. Today 2 Australians will die from MND and 2 more will be diagnosed. There is no cure.  

This year FightMND is aiming to raise an extra $3 million for vital MND research for Big Freeze 10.  

Our fight isn’t over. We need your help to beat the Beast that is MND. Help us reach $3 million by Monday. Donate today.  

We go again.