Funded research projects

Thanks to the ongoing support of the Australian public and the FightMND Army,  FightMND has invested more than $55.9 million into MND research since 2014.

Together we have made real progress towards effective treatments and a cure since the Army answered the call seven years ago.

People living with MND now have more opportunity to participate in research or clinical trials throughout Australia. It is proof of the accelerating progress we0 are making to end MND.

From clinical trials to drug development projects, it is research like this that will help us find more effective treatments and ultimately a cure.

Below you will find a list of the clinical trials, drug development projects and impact grants we’ve invested in from 2016 – 2021

Clinical trials

Clinical trials test and evaluate promising new treatments to find better ways to prevent, detect or treat MND.

Drug Development Projects

Drug Development projects are focused on advancing promising new drugs or therapies through the final stages of testing in preparation for their assessment in clinical trials with MND patients.

IMPACT grants

To accelerate the development of effective therapies for MND, FightMND IMProving and ACcelerating Translation (IMPACT) grants support projects focused on overcoming one or more key barriers preventing the advancement of potential treatments through to clinical trial.

Angie Cunningham PhD Scholarship and Grant-in-Aid

Honouring the life of Angie Cunningham, FightMND’s Angie Cunningham PhD Scholarship aims to support future leaders in MND research.

FightMND supports biomedical research in the field of Motor Neurone Disease (MND), encompassing all relevant research disciplines. The objectives of the Angie Cunningham Scholarship Scholarship and Project Grant-in-Aid Award are to:

  • Support research aimed at understanding the causes of sporadic MND,
    elucidating disease mechanisms and facilitating the translation of therapeutic strategies from the laboratory to the clinic;
  • Encourage new interest within the field of MND research from exceptional new postgraduates;
  • Help develop PhD graduates who demonstrate academic leadership,
    independence, creativity and innovation in their work and foster a passion for future MND research;
  • Honour the memory and legacy of Angie Cunningham

Angie Cunningham Scholarship recipients:

Drug Screening Platform

In 2017, with support from the Andrews Labor Government, FightMND partnered with the Balcon Group Pty Ltd to establish the FightMND Drug Screening Program. The four-year, $5M program aims to establish a high-throughput drug screening platform to screen approved and experimental treatments on motor neurons grown from skin cells from Australians living with MND.

The FightMND Drug Screening Program has drawn together an expert team of stem cell scientists and MND clinicians and made significant progress over the last four years. The major research outcomes for the study include:

  • the generation of the world’s second-largest MND iPSC bank available for drug screening and a vital tool for MND researchers globally
  • the development of a robust motor neuron generation protocol that will be published and shared within the research community
  • an MND specific drug screening platform and pipeline for screening approved and novel promising therapeutics
  • the foundation for comprehensive single-centre multidimensional characterisation.