Drug Development Grants support the preclinical research, development and assessment of potential therapeutics for MND/ALS through to (and including) completion of Phase I clinical trials. In 2023, Drug Development Grants are further categorised into the following two tiers:  

Stage 1 –Drug Development Grants are awarded with an offer of up to AUD $550,000 with a project performance of up to 3 years.

Projects must focus on the development of drug candidates, including candidates for which little or no preliminary data has been obtained. Outcomes should: provide solid evidence on whether or not a candidate drug(s) is suitable and worthy of progressing further through the MND drug development pipeline; and generate data suitable for progressing to a Stage 2 Drug Development Grant and/or data that supports the further development of the candidate drug(s) towards IND-enabling studies and a clinical trial for MND.  

Stage 2 –Drug Development Grants are awarded with an offer of $1,200,000 in support for 3-year projects.

Projects should focus on the further development of a candidate drug(s) that is in hand through to completion of Phase I clinical trials. There should already be solid preclinical evidence in one or more models of MND that demonstrates the candidate drug(s) has strong potential as a therapeutic(s) for MND and data that provides considerable merit for further development and generating IND-enabling data, and a clinical trial for MND. Projects can include generating robust pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic data, but applicants should already have supporting PK/PD data in hand that is presented in and backs the project proposal.  

Eligibility: Applications are open to MND/ALS researchers globally.  

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