Sliding towards a cure: Big Freeze 10 is here 

Today’s the day. Big Freeze 10 has arrived!  

Now, while Melbourne and Collingwood gear up for their King’s Birthday clash, 9 celebrities are preparing to take the icy plunge – all in the aim of raising vital funds for MND research.  

To be a Slider is deemed an honour. At FightMND, we’re for thankful to all those who have braved the icy conditions to help raise funds and awareness for this important cause. As the event grows, we continue to see our celebrities lift the bar on the costume front – with many asking, ‘What is your costume this year?’. For many, Nick Riewoldt’s Freddie Mercury is the most memorable. The question is, will his cousin Jack take his costume crown? Only time will tell! 

Each year there has been standouts. For right or wrong reasons. In the spirt of ‘10’ here are 10 of our highlights. What’s yours? 

  1. Sam Newman’s’ Mankini in year one as he showed his wares to the world. 
  1. Mick Molloy plunging headfirst and surviving. 
  1. Sharelle McMahon shaking off the cold to nail a goal post slide. 
  1. Nathan Buckley as firefighter Murray Swinton, who was living with MND. 
  1. Luke Beveridge surfing the slide standing up. 
  1. The double act of Christian Petracca/Angus Brayshaw as Happy Gilmore and caddy. 
  1. Gillon McLachlan’s Meatloaf, served with a touch of satire. 
  1. Neale’s loyal demon skipper David Neitz as Braveheart. 
  1. Ash Barty’s full body Rafiki from Lion King. 
  1. Mick Fanning as the body painted Silver Surfer. 

The Big Freeze is, and always has been, a time for us to laugh in the face of the Beast. To push MND into the spotlight. To show the world that the fight for a cure is on – and we’re not backing down.  

This year the Big Freeze turns a milestone 10 years. Traditionally milestones are an opportunity to celebrate. But for FightMND, this milestone is about recognising that the job is not over, and that more needs to be done.  

This fight against the Beast was never going to be won in a sprint. We still have work to do, and we need your help to do it.  

Help us reach $3 million by Monday 

You (yes you, wearing your Beanie with pride) answered the call 10 years ago. Your support has helped us build a movement that reaches every corner of Australia. You’ve helped us freeze the nation.  

Thanks to you, FightMND has been able to invest in a solid research foundation. This investment is enabling MND research in Australia to be competitive and world-leading in driving a pathway to better treatment and a cure for MND.  

But our fight is far from over. We’re now at basecamp and we need your help to get to the summit.  

Three million can go a long way to funding vital cure and care initiatives. Three million dollars can be used to help develop and maintain National MND Care Guidelines so that people living with MND can access the same care no matter where they live. Or it can be used to fund 3 Discovery projects to help unlock the causes of MND.   

Keep doing. Keep fighting. Donate today and help us reach our $3 million target.