Why partner with Us

FightMND care about working with our partners through a collaborative process and will work with your organisation to identify the right opportunities that will provide benefit back to your organisation. These may include;

  • Make a meaningful impact in the lives of people living with MND
  • Increase brand awareness through reaching new audiences
  • Drive product sales and increase brand loyalty 
    • Partner that have completed cause related marketing campaigns with FightMND have had a 1.5x sales increase with a positive ROI
    • 60% of customers are willing to pay a premium for socially responsible products* and
    • Over half of Australian consumers say that they will switch brands that support a charity in the coming year**
  • Boost employee morale and enhance staff engagement, retention and attraction by aligning with a worthy cause
  • Create a point of differentiation in the market when comparing with competitors
  • An avenue to exercise Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Be part of a movement with the community

*Source: Grow The Pie (Alex Edmans, 2020) 

**Source: Be partner ready

Ways to partner with us

Merchandise sales 

  • Sell our famous blue Beanies and Socks at your sites 

Product Collaboration

  • Increase purchase intention and loyalty with a cause-related marketing campaign 

Workplace giving 

  • An easy way for your team to donation to charity from their pre-tax pay with small, ongoing donations 


“Coles is proud to have raised more than $30 million in six years to help FightMND find a cure for motor neurone disease. It’s a cause that is close to the hearts of many of our customers, suppliers and team members and an important way for us to support the health of Australians.” 

“We love seeing shoppers wear the blue beanie and our team members love getting involved in the campaign with their own ice bucket challenges in stores or with their local sports clubs.”

“We are humbled to have played a part in supporting FightMND’s incredible Big Freeze 9 campaign. It has been great to see our team and customers go ‘all in’ to fight the Beast, proudly wearing their Big Freeze 9 Beanies throughout the campaign. 
Thank you to everyone that purchased a Beanie from their local Bunnings store, which helped us contribute to this important cause. Motor Neurone Disease (MND) is brutal, and the significant funds and awareness raised throughout the Big Freeze brings FightMND closer to finding a cure so we can one day live in a world free of MND.”

Bunnings Chief Customer Officer, Ryan Baker 

“Chemist Warehouse has been a long-term partner of FightMND and we’re thrilled to be gearing up for the 2023 Daniher’s Drive, this drive is amazing! And we’ve been doing it for six years…Nothing stops this drive team so congratulations to everyone…With the passion and support of our customer base Chemist Warehouse has so far raised $860K alone from our stores to help vital care and research and we’re far from done. We’re honoured to be the major partner of the Daniher’s Drive…Our team are fiercely passionate in their support of FightMND and remain committed to supporting the work of this foundation.

Chemist Warehouse


Join the fight

Are you ready to join the fight against the Beast? Contact us to find out more about partnership opportunities with FightMND.