Why partner with us

FightMND are committed to working with our partners through a collaborative process that identifies the right opportunities that will provide benefit back to your organisation. Partnering with FightMND can help your organisation;

  • Make a meaningful impact in the lives of people living with MND
  • Increase brand awareness through reaching new audiences
  • Drive product sales and increase brand loyalty 
    • Partner that have completed cause related marketing campaigns with FightMND have had a 1.5x sales increase with a positive ROI
    • 60% of customers are willing to pay a premium for socially responsible products* and
    • Over half of Australian consumers say that they will switch brands that support a charity in the coming year**
  • Boost employee morale and enhance staff engagement, retention and attraction by aligning with a worthy cause
  • Create a point of differentiation in the market when comparing with competitors
  • An avenue to exercise Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Be part of a movement within the community

*Source: Grow The Pie, Alex Edmans, 2020

**Source: The Conscious Consumer Report, Di Marzio Research & BePartnerReady.com, October 2020

Ways to partner with us

There are many partnership opportunities with us

  • Merchandise sales 
  • Product collaborations and cause-related marketing campaigns
  • Campaign sponsorship
  • Workplace giving 
  • Store donations

Join the fight

Are you ready to join the fight against the Beast? Contact us to find out more about partnership opportunities with FightMND.